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Benefits of Being a Partner


Increase your revenue


Reach out to a large customer base


Access to the large delivery fleet


Access to the large delivery fleet

Why Partner With Us?


More Customers, More Sales.

We link you with a wide range of customers in the cities that surround your restaurant. New customers may find, order, and enjoy your cuisine when it is featured in our app and on our website.


Quick Delivery, Fresher Food.

The more drivers you have on the road, the faster your meal will get to its destination. The sooner your meal is delivered to customers, the better the food quality is. With us, you have dozens of drivers on the road at all hours of the day.


Sit Back, Track Live

If you aim for more professional delivery management we’ve pre-integrated specialized tracking systems so that customers can enjoy live tracking of their orders to their doorsteps, giving them an even better experience.

How Does It Work?

Order placed

Customers Order

A customer discovers your restaurant and order using the app.


You Prepare

Your restaurant accepts and prepares the order.


Driver Arrives

Delivery people pick up the order from your restaurant, then deliver it to the customer.